No car lasts forever. Over time, rust along with wear and tear sets in. Sooner or later, each and every car finally gives out for good. Although repairing a car is something that is always an option and something you’ve done a lot in your lifetime, over time you start to realize that it eventually costs you more in time and money than the vehicle is actually worth. Whenever things get to that point, it’s logical to just let the car rest in peace. That doesn’t mean, however, it needs to be a complete loss for you.


Are you aware of the fact that you can make some extra money from your dead car? You can choose to trade your rusty, dead car in for some money and then use whatever extra cash you get to add to whatever money you’ve been able to save up to buy a new car. To learn how you can do this, keep reading.

The first thing you need to do is locate a junk yard close to you that buys old vehicles as scrap. After you have found one, contact them and ask if they will give you a quote on your vehicle. If the offer is a fair one, then that’s great. However, if there aren’t any of those kinds of junk yards close to you, then check for ads online or in the classified section of your newspaper. You should be able to locate yard owners that are willing to go out to look at your vehicle and provide you with a quote on what they willing to pay for your car. Another possible option is selling your car as parts to individuals with the same model of car as yours.

The Internet is full of various junk yard websites that are willing to pay money for junk cars. However, there could be a downside to this. When a junk yard is located far away from you, you might end up needing to pay shipping and handling fees to transport your vehicle to the yard. If that is the case, it would be much smarter to sell your junk car locally instead. This will save you money and time.

Another possible option for getting money for your car is to try to sell it to somebody who is able to repair it. You could advertise the vehicle as a fixer, then either set a price or state that you will take the best offer, and then wait to see if anyone is interested. Anybody who is interested will come to check out your car and make an offer. If you have a classic vehicle, this is a great option for selling it and potentially making a good amount of money for your old car.

If you consider all of the options that are available to you, it’s better to get some money out of your junk car than it is to just let it sit around and rust away, gather dust and ruin your yard. By parting it out or selling it, what you thought was junk might actually turn out to be useful and earn you a nice sum of money.

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